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We are dedicated to providing investment management services based on proven philosophies and processes.  With experienced teams of managers, our specialist products ensure that our clients get the best investment products and services that they need.

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A commitment to investment excellence and a focus on client needs lie at the core of everything we do.


Investors are best served through investments tailored to their needs. That’s why we take time and care in getting to know the needs of our clients and client groups, to help them reach their investment objectives.


We serve a wide range of investors through intermediaries, investment consultants and institutional investors who make decisions on behalf of and advise end investors.

River and Mercantile is a specialist investment management company focused on UK, European, Global and Emerging Market equities, all of which have sustainability integrated into their philosophy.

Through a flexible approach guided by our clients’ needs, we serve a range of institutional and wholesale investors across the UK and Ireland, the US and in Australia and New Zealand.

"Understanding our clients’ needs is the key to our success.  We always strive to work with our clients as partners, to ensure we are fulfilling their requirements with the right investment products and high quality service."

Alex Hoctor-Duncan, Chief Executive Officer

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