Multi-asset investing

Guided by developments in the macroeconomic environment, we aim to help investors generate long-term returns, while managing short-term risks through diversified multi-asset investments.


Drawing on the fiduciary service’s investment team for pension schemes, this strategy uses these same proven skills and capabilities in asset allocation, stock selection and derivatives management.

The long-only strategy is built on our four key investment pillars of:

We seek to diversify across a range of asset classes, individual positions and return drivers in order to reduce the risk of not meeting the investment objective.

Asset rotation
We will make substantial use of rotation, whether this is in asset allocation or the selection of alpha strategies, in pursuit of added value and improvement of the stability of return relative to the objective.

Hedging risks that don't reward adequately
We will seek, where it is cost effective to do so, to hedge risks where we expect risk to be disproportionately high compared to the expected return and/or its credibility.

Appropriate use of active management
We will make use of active management within markets or segments of markets where we believe it offers meaningful added value, and/or the active strategy materially improves the likelihood of meeting the objective through a significant reduction in risk to the strategy.


You can access our alternative macro investment strategy through the ES R&M Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund.



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