Helping you prioritise
the prominent investment challenges

We partner with you to guide your scheme’s trustees in evolving your strategy, so that your funding and investment needs are addressed appropriately.

Tailored advice_R&M_ICON

Tailored advice for your benefit

From asset allocation and fund manager selection to risk management and ongoing governance support – we understand that your world is complex.

We tailor our advice to your needs, to help your trustees better govern your pension, ensuring improved results for your members.

Putting your scheme at the core_R&M_ICON

Putting your scheme at the core

We believe that the best tools and solutions should be accessible to all schemes we work with.  You will have full access to our extensive investment and consulting expertise, which inform our advice on implementation through the managers that we regard as appropriate to the circumstances.

We partner with you to reach your goals

As experienced consultants committed to investment excellence, we provide proactive and relevant advice aimed at helping you:

  • Set clear and measurable objectives
  • Form a forward-looking plan for targeting the right level of return
  • Ensure diversity across asset classes, regions and managers as appropriate
  • Adapt to the prevailing market conditions
  • Managing risk and taking opportunities when appropriate
  • Selecting where there is a benefit from active management

We provide investment and transaction advice to DB and DC pensions in the UK, insurance firms, and US pensions. We work alongside you to:

  • Understand your objectives and needs.
  • Help you understand the risks you face and how these risks evolve over time  
  • Provide proactive and relevant advice on investment strategy, asset allocation and manager selection  
  • Evaluate and select appropriate managers to support your desired investment outcome, with full consideration for your environmental, social and governance requirements 
  • Select platform providers, administrators and communication specialists where required for DC pensions  
  • Provide ongoing education and training on all apsects of investment strategy and governance  
  • Monitor your strategy performance on an ongoing basis against the metrics that matter to you

Speak to our team

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella is a director, and Head of UK Institutional Distribution, working with her team to provide investment solutions to UK pension schemes, their consultants and trustees. Arabella joined River and Mercantile in 2010 from Edinburgh University where she gained a degree in Geography.

Ronan O’Riordan

Director, Business Development

Ronan O’Riordan

Director, Business Development

Ronan is responsible for business development of Solutions. He started his career at ABN Amro Asset Management in Amsterdam which was one of the first providers of Fiduciary Management in Europe. He subsequently worked at BNP Paribas and Russell Investments. Ronan is responsible for setting and implementing our marketing and distribution strategy. He holds an MA in Globalisation from Dublin City University.

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