How we work with insurers

Working in partnership to deliver better insurance solutions

Welcome to our investment solutions for insurers

We have been helping insurers reach optimal investment outcomes since 1984.

Our insurance service is a partnership-based, advisory-led investment management solution for insurers. We tailor our engagement model to meet your needs and give you access to our investment expertise to drive better decision making.

Ensuring your investment portfolio evolves with your business

We partner with you to construct and investment strategy that can adapt with your business and risk appetite.

Some insurers choose to delegate investment management to us, while others use us to support their investment decision making.

Big institutional ideas for all of your insurance liabilities

We believe no insurer is too small to access institutional investment expertise.

We specialise in providing innovative solutions for insurers of all sizes.

This includes access to our best in class third party fund platform as well as bespoke insurance led investment ideas and multi-asset views.

In an age of digital disruption, insurers need to achieve cost efficiency

We work on behalf of our clients to efficiently manage their inve stment
management costs, for example, negotiating fees and leveraging our fund platform to provide better economies of scale.

Some underwriters choose to delegate investment management to us, while others make use of our ESG monitoring, derivatives and dynamic asset allocation expertise.

Considering changes in the regulatory landscape

We help our clients by providing views on regulatory implications on investment decisions. For example, adhering with Prudent Person Principle and understanding capital treatment for assets.

Our transparent Solvency II reporting includes look-through reporting and indicative market risk capital estimates. Understanding how market risk diversifies your underwriting risk drives more efficient capital allocation for shareholders.

Our differentiators can help support your unique business requirements

Investment strategy

  • Setting investment objectives
  • Defining risk appetite
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Asset liability management

Investment management and advice

  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Market and investment views
  • Manager selection
  • Solvency II and regulatory support


  • ESG and sustainable investment considerations
  • Performance and risk reporting, including stress and scenario testing
  • Meeting attendance
  • Governance documentation and Solvency II support

Speak to our team

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella is a director, and Head of UK Institutional Distribution, working with her team to provide investment solutions to UK pension schemes, their consultants and trustees. Arabella joined River and Mercantile in 2010 from Edinburgh University where she gained a degree in Geography.

Ronan O’Riordan

Business Development

Ronan O’Riordan

Business Development

Ronan is responsible for business development of Solutions. He started his career at ABN Amro Asset Management in Amsterdam which was one of the first providers of Fiduciary Management in Europe. He subsequently worked at BNP Paribas and Russell Investments. Ronan is responsible for setting and implementing our marketing and distribution strategy. He holds an MA in Globalisation from Dublin City University.

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