Active equity strategies informed by investment insight

Our investment management strategies are focused on improving outcomes for a range of investors by offering unparalleled insights and robust investment processes.

Investment strategies driven by your goals

Our investment strategies are driven by a commitment to investment excellence, in partnership with investors to help them reach their objectives.

Our broad investment management skills offer exposure to UK, European, global and emerging markets equities.

Deep expertise combined with continuous innovation

Our experienced team of investment experts in the UK and US share insights that inform fundamental macroeconomic and security-specific analysis. Where efficient, we complement this with proprietary data screening to add further rigour to robust investment processes.

We continuously innovate to improve our approach to keep offering you relevant services and products, including ensuring that we incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into our process.

What we offer

You can access our investment management through two capabilities:

Our range of long-only equity products offers exposure to UK, European, global and emerging markets equities.