The fund invests broadly across emerging markets, accounting for where companies are in their industrial life cycle to seek out only the most attractive opportunities.

Why Emerging Market Equity?

This fund enables investors to access a broad portfolio of emerging market equities managed by an experienced manager and team, who have a proven process that looks at the industrial lifecycle (ILC) of companies to find stocks that are most likely to result in meaningful growth for your portfolio over time.   

While many view emerging markets as primarily full of growth opportunities, we believe there are different drivers for growth companies compared to value companies, and there are good investments available within each stage of the spectrum. Through our proprietary ILC process, we can identify opportunities using stage-specific criteria that have been proven to create shareholder value over time.  

Investment process

The manager aims to identify investment opportunities through our industrial life cycle (ILC) methodology, which uses stage-specific criteria that have proven to create shareholder value over time.

The chosen stock ideas are managed within a core-oriented portfolio that has a high active share, derived almost exclusively from stock-specific sources. We believe this philosophy allows us to achieve a steady source of excess returns that are inherently repeatable on behalf of investors.

Fund facts


$116.8m at 31 October 2022


MSCI Emerging Markets Index

Fund manager

Alfred Bryant, CFA

Latest updates

About the fund manager


Al Bryant, CFA
Head of Emerging Markets, ILC Equities

Al Bryant, CFA is a portfolio manager and CIO/DOR in the Industrial Life Cycle (ILC) Equity team, specifically managing the Emerging Market (large cap) and Emerging Market Opportunities (small and mid cap) strategies. Al joined R&M in 2017. Prior to that, he had spent 12 years at Credit Suisse.  During that time, Al focused on developing and implementing global equity investment strategies based upon the ILC framework that Al had been developing since 2004. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, he spent four years as a portfolio manager for institutional and private clients at Segall Bryant & Hamill Investment Counsel, based in Chicago. Al holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BA in Urban Studies and Economics from the College of Wooster. 


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