About River and Mercantile

Specialised investments focused on investors’ needs

We want to help improve investor outcomes, whether for medium-term savings, wealth creation or for retirement.

Our approach is guided by a commitment to investment excellence, accessible through a range of specialist products. We partner with our institutional and wholesale clients to provide the investment products that they need.

River and Mercantile was formed in 2006 by the coming together of like-minded investment specialists who wanted to create a forward looking investment boutique that focused on providing excellent investments and customer services to a range of clients.

By leveraging the skills and expertise of all of our people, we ensure that each of our clients can access long-term investment solutions that suit their needs. We are always challenging and innovating to ensure that we continue to serve you as best we can over the long term.

We aim to help clients achieve better investment outcomes, through a range of products suited to their needs.

About us_Equity strategies

Specialist UK, European, Global and Emerging Markets strategies accessible through mandated investments or a range of funds. Using proven investment processes, our funds provide a selection of options which all integrate sustainability into their philosophy.

Our approach to ESG

Sustainable businesses are best placed to produce long-term positive results. As active managers, we are serious about our responsibility to enact enduring change through meaningful engagement and voting.

Investor relations

River and Mercantile Group PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Find out more about our corporate activity, recent reports and shareholder contacts.

"We have developed a rewarding, diverse and open environment to allow innovation and investment expertise to flourish where environmental, social and governance considerations are at the forefront of our thinking."

Alex Hoctor-Duncan, Chief Executive Officer