Fiduciary management for DC pensions

Helping you generate long-term returns for your members’ needs

We are focused on helping you generate strong, consistent performance, while being mindful of volatility on members’ outcomes.

We take the time to get to understand your needs and objectives, as we aim to help you achieve strong and consistent returnsThrough a range of flexible, tailored solutions, we partner with you to help your scheme navigate this challenging environment without undue volatility.

A partner focused on your needs

We are highly attuned to the challenges that defined contribution pension schemes face. In working with us, you have access to:

  • Partners whose goals are aligned with yours, to ultimately improve outcomes for pension fund members.
  • Nimble advice and actions based on thorough market and industry analysis.
  • Creative solutions to complex challenges.

How we can help your team

With a holistic approach that includes advice on default design and help with governance requirements, we aim to help DC pensions achieve strong investment returns, mindful of volatility and risks.

You have the freedom to decide how much of the day-to-day management you want to delegate to us, whilst having access to the collective expertise from our team in terms of consulting and investment management.

Investment consulting

About us_Investment consulting

Investment consulting

Where we advise you on investment decisions

Fiduciary management

About us_Fiduciary_management

Fiduciary management

Where we take day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf

Investment management


Investment management

Where we manage investment strategies of your choosing

Contact our team

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella Townshend

Head of UK Institutional

Arabella is a director, and Head of UK Institutional Distribution, working with her team to provide investment solutions to UK pension schemes, their consultants and trustees. Arabella joined River and Mercantile in 2010 from Edinburgh University where she gained a degree in Geography.

Ronan O’Riordan

Business Development

Ronan O’Riordan

Business Development

Ronan is responsible for business development of Solutions. He started his career at ABN Amro Asset Management in Amsterdam which was one of the first providers of Fiduciary Management in Europe. He subsequently worked at BNP Paribas and Russell Investments. Ronan is responsible for setting and implementing our marketing and distribution strategy. He holds an MA in Globalisation from Dublin City University.

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