Fiduciary management update

25 January 2022 | 9.30am GMT

Outlook 2022: Pandemic, Policy and Prices

2021 was notable for the ongoing Pandemic, continued Policy support and rapidly rising Prices. As we look ahead, we expect the three Ps to continue to affect funding levels.

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  • The three Ps: Pandemic, Policy and Prices - here we’ll reflect on how markets fared in 2021 and what 2022 may have in store;
  • What's on your agenda -  the key themes to add your agenda for 2022;
  • Live Q&A

Speaking at this event

Grace Lavelle

Product Specialist, Macro strategies

Grace Lavelle

Product Specialist, Macro strategies

Since joining R&M in 2013, Grace has worked on delivering fiduciary management services to a wide range of clients. Her primary responsibility is investment solution design, ensuring the regular and detailed monitoring of client portfolios and underlying fund allocations as well as ongoing research into new investment products and strategies. Grace sits on R&M Solutions’ DC Management Committee, responsible for the composition of clients’ default strategies. Grace graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First Class degree in Mathematics.

Patrick O’Brien

Portfolio Manager, Macro strategies

photo of Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O’Brien

Portfolio Manager, Macro strategies

Patrick chairs the R&M Solutions' Multi-Asset Committee, which makes the asset allocation, manager and fund selection decisions within our fiduciary clients’ growth portfolios. He also sits on our Macro and Global Investment Committees which together determine our house views on market conditions, asset classes and overall risk appetite that are central to the decisions that the Multi-Asset Committee make. He is therefore involved at all stages of our investment process, playing a key role in the formation and evolution of our investment decisions from month-to-month, and closely monitoring markets and economic indicators day-to-day. Patrick has ultimate responsibility from an investment perspective for the day-to-day running of our fiduciary management service – with macro and manager research and portfolio management teams reporting in to him. Patrick began his career at Legal & General before joining R&M in 2008. He holds a BSc in Finance from University College Cork.

Ross Nicholson, FIA

Co-Head of Clients, Solutions

photo of Ross Nicholson

Ross Nicholson, FIA

Co-Head of Clients, Solutions

Ross has responsibility for the delivery of services to our Solutions' clients, ensuring appropriate investment strategies are in place, client teams are suitably resourced and high levels of client satisfaction are maintained. Ross is also a member of the Investment Strategy Committee which leads thinking on the investment strategy ideas to be brought out to all clients. Ross is the lead investment advisor to a broad range of fiduciary and advisory clients, developing and implementing investment strategies tailored to their specific circumstances. He has been working with clients since joining the business in 2006, many of whom he has over 10 year relationships with. Ross has experience of bringing clients from underfunded positions all the way to buy-out, providing strong strategic advice along the way. He has worked collaboratively with actuarial and covenant advisors from most of the firms in the industry to achieve best outcomes for clients in their journey. Outside of the office, Ross likes to play golf at the weekends and is a passionate supporter of Irish and Munster rugby.

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