UK Dynamic Equity update
Online webinar - BrightTALK 23 November 2020

UK Dynamic Equity update

William Lough, Manager of the ES R&M UK Dynamic Equity Fund, discusses the current opportunities.

UK Dynamic Equity update

An outlook

William Lough, manager of the ES R&M UK Dynamic Equity Fund, believes that despite the lack of exuberance shown in the UK market, it still offers the appealing combination of low starting valuations at a market aggregate level plus wide dispersion of valuations intra-market.

In this webinar he will discuss how and why a good proportion of the fund’s highest conviction ideas are currently strong cyclical franchises and smaller companies and answer any questions you may have.

With a strong performance over many time periods, Will’s insights into where there is value in the market are not to be missed.

Date and time

23 November 2020
2:00 pm


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