Our approach to ESG

As managers of investment portfolios on your behalf, we have a responsibility to ensure that the companies we invest in are contributing positively to society as well as enhancing shareholder returns.

Our approach to ESG

We are always evolving our policies to ensure we work holistically to improve investor outcomes. Companies that operate responsibly are better positioned to offer their investors sustainable, positive returns. As long-term active managers, we are acutely aware that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are integral to the sustainability of a business.

Therefore, we incorporate ESG analysis when reviewing companies for inclusion in portfolios. Once we own a company, we have a responsibility as an active asset manager to continuously engage with the organisations we own a stake in, and enact change through clear voting practices.

ESG in action

We apply the same standards to our own business that we would like to see in the companies we analyse.


Principles and values

Our principles and values define the behaviours we consider to be critical for our success. We measure employee performance against the business’s values.


Carbon neutral

We have been certified carbon neutral by Natural Capital Partners. We have offset our carbon emissions, including all business travel ad commuting.


Staff wellbeing

We have enhanced staff maternity pay and annual leave entitlement. Employees receive medical insurance, including wellbeing and stress management support.


Voluntary gender pay-gap reporting

We voluntarily publish our gender pay gap. Whilst comparable to industry peers, we continue to take action to move these results in a positive direction.



Our employee-led charity committee coordinates activities raising funds for charities, earning matched funding from the business.


Diversity and inclusion

Our PLC board meets the Hampton-Alexander target that at least 33% of the board should be female. We continuously work on ways to improve diversity and inclusion at a firm and industry level.

Industry support

We are a signatory and support of various industry bodies.

  • UN Principles for Responsible Investment
  • UK Stewardship Code
  • Ceres / PRI Amazon Deforestation Resolution
  • Investment consulting industry initiative, driven by UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and the Association of Member Nominated Trustees

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