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Stock picking excellence combined with systematic quantitative analysis and fundamental research to seek the most attractive investment opportunities across all four corners of the globe

How we work

Our deeply experienced and highly skilled investment teams in the UK and US offer investors proven philosophies and robust processes to achieve their investment objectives. As practical investors committed to investment excellence, we continuously innovate and improve the way we work, to ensure we are always offering our clients investment strategies and solutions that are suited to their needs.


UK focused equity investments using our long-established PVT philosophy, which interrogates investment opportunities based on the key criteria of potential, valuation and timing.

We offer a range of multi-factor small cap and multi-cap strategies which combine quantitative analysis with fundamental bottom-up stock picking skills.


Our European focused strategy seeks stocks with attractive investment characteristics which are are likely to benefit from the major changes currently taking place in Europe.

With ESG at its core, the strategy also only invests in companies that will make a positive contribution to society.  


Global equity investments which utilise our philosophy based on potential, valuation and timing (PVT). 

Multi factor, multi cap recovery and high alpha strategies which aim to unearth opportunities from around the globe that we believe will result in the most attractive returns for investors.


Opportunities from a range of emerging markets, investing in companies at different stages of the corporate life cycle, that have been identified as providing potential for attractive returns.

Latest perspectives

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James Sym’s outlook: Will 2022 be the year the industry stops playing at ESG, and starts doing it properly?

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James Sym, Head of European Equities at River and Mercantile says that 2022 will be…

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