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Access to the Data Room (the “Data Room”) and the information in the Data Room (the “Information”) is being made available, together with certain other information that has previously been or will be made available at any time by any other means in connection with River and Mercantile Infrastructure Income Fund (together with the Information, the “Confidential Information”), to a limited number of sophisticated institutional investors on a confidential basis by River and Mercantile Infrastructure GP S.à r.l. (“River and Mercantile”) or any of its associates or duly authorised agentsRiver and Mercantile is a Luxembourg private limited liability company with its registered office at 2-4 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg, Grand-Duché de LuxembourgFor queries relating to the Data Room please contact River and Mercantile’s Client Portal administration team at [email protected] or phone +44 20 7601 6262. 

References herein to a “person” include any government, state, state agency, body corporate, unincorporated association, partnership, trust, any other type of entity and any natural person. 

The Data Room and the Confidential Information is proprietary to River and Mercantile and its associates (together, the “River and Mercantile Group”) and all content is subject to copyright with all rights reserved. By clicking “agree” or accepting delivery of all or any part of the Confidential Information, the recipient (and any person they represent) accepts the terms of this notice (the “Notice”) and agrees: 

  • to keep confidential all Confidential Information disclosed to it or which has otherwise been made or which is made available at any time to it and to only disclose such Confidential Information to such officers, employees or agents in each case of the recipient as is necessary for the purposes of assessing River and Mercantile and certain investment opportunities that may be made available by River and Mercantile 
  • not to copy, reproduce or distribute any of the Confidential Information in whole or in part; 
  • if the recipient has printed any Confidential Information for which the print capability has been enabled, not to disclose any printed copy of such Confidential Information or any of its contents to any other person save in accordance with the terms of this Notice; 
  • to use the Confidential Information solely for the purposes of assessing River and Mercantile and certain investment opportunities that may be made available by River and Mercantile and for no other purposes; 
  • to maintain reasonable procedures to safeguard the Confidential Information from loss, unauthorised disclosure or use;  
  • to keep a record of those individuals who have been granted access to the Confidential Information such as officers, employees or agents of the recipient and to ensure that all such persons are fully aware of their and the recipients obligations and comply with the terms of this Notice; 
  • that the individual access password issued to or chosen by the recipient in connection with its access to the Data Room is unique and for the recipient’s exclusive use, and the recipient agrees to keep it confidential and not to provide it to any other person; 
  • that the identity of the recipient’s employees, counsel and other professional advisors who have a need to access the Data Room to advise the recipient (or any person the recipient represents) shall be notified to River and Mercantile in order that they can be granted their own individual access; 
  • that the recipient is responsible for any unauthorised use of the recipient’s password to gain access to the Data Room and to immediately notify River and Mercantile if the recipient becomes aware of any theft or unauthorised use of the recipient’s password; and 
  • that any decision to invest in any fund or product managed or advised by any member of the River and Mercantile Group will be based solely on the content of the legal documents governing such fund or product and the recipient’s own, independent inquiries. 

The Confidential Information is intended to supplement a preliminary discussion of River and Mercantile’s business. River and Mercantile is not making any offer or invitation of any kind by communication of the Confidential Information to the recipient and under no circumstances is it to be construed as a prospectus or an advertisement. No reliance may, or should, be placed upon the contents of the Data Room and the Confidential Information by any person for any purposes whatsoever. In particular it should not be relied upon by any person who subsequently decides to apply, or not to apply, for any interest in any fund or product that may later be made available by any member of the River and Mercantile Group (a “Fund”). 

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, neither access to the Data Room nor any of the Confidential Information constitutes an invitation or inducement of any sort to any person in any jurisdiction in which such an invitation or inducement is not permitted or where River and Mercantile is not qualified to make such invitation or inducement. The Confidential Information is intended to be communicated only to such persons as River and Mercantile is legally able to send it and who are legally able to receive it in their jurisdiction of residence. If you are not such a person you should cease accessing the Data Room immediately and return any Confidential Information provided separately or printed or downloaded from the Data Room. 

No representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be given by River and Mercantile, any other member of the River and Mercantile Group, or any of their respective directors, members, shareholders, partners, officers, employees, advisers or agents (together, its Related Persons), andwithout prejudice to any liability for, or remedy in respect of, fraudulent misrepresentation, no responsibility or liability or duty of care is, or will be, accepted by River and Mercantile or any of its Related Persons as to the fairness, accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability or reasonableness of the Confidential Information or any opinions contained within it, or of any other written or oral information made available to any recipient or its advisers in connection with the Data RoomAccordingly, neither River and Mercantile nor its Related Persons shall be liable under any circumstances (including, without limitation, its or their negligence or gross negligence but excluding circumstances where River and Mercantile has been fraudulentfor any loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on any statement in, or omission from, all or any part of the Confidential InformationNeither River and Mercantile nor any of its Related Persons accepts any responsibility for updating any of the Confidential Information, correcting any inaccuracies within it or for providing any further or supplemental information to any person. 

In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, no representation or warranty is given as to the achievement or reasonableness of any future projections, forecasts, targeted or illustrative returns. Any past performance information contained within the Confidential Information is not an indication of future performance. It may not have been audited or verified by an independent party and should not be seen as an indication of returns which might be received by investors in any Fund. Similarly, where projections, forecasts, targeted or illustrative returns or related statements or expressions of opinion are given they should not be regarded by any recipient as a guarantee, prediction or definitive statement of fact or probability. Actual events and circumstances are difficult or impossible to predict and will differ from assumptions. Any performance information provided on a ‘gross’ basis may not reflect any management fees, performance fees, taxes and/or allocable expenses borne by investors, which in the aggregate may be substantial. 

Confidential Information in this Data Room or which has been or will be made available at any time is believed by River and Mercantile to be fair and accurate but River and Mercantile accepts no responsibility for such fairness or accuracy. None of the Confidential Information has been formally verified. Recipients should not construe the contents of any of the Confidential Information (or any discussions relating to it) as legal, tax, regulatory, financial, investment, accounting or other advice or as a recommendation by River and Mercantile or any other person. Furthermore, the Confidential Information will be qualified in its entirety by reference to the subscription agreements, limited partnership agreement(s) and any other legal documents constituting any Fund (the “Fund Documents”). Any recipient who acquires an interest in any Fund will be bound by the terms and conditions of the relevant Fund Documents. In the event that the descriptions in, or terms of, the Confidential Information are inconsistent with, or contrary to, the descriptions, in or terms of, the relevant Fund Documents, the relevant Fund Documents shall prevail. 

This Data Room may incorporate material produced by third parties which are not affiliated with River and Mercantile and/or derived from publicly available sources (“Third Party Material”). Any such Third Party Material is assembled in good faith, but does not necessarily reflect the views of River and Mercantile. References to underlying sources have been provided wherever possible. However, River and Mercantile has not independently verified or confirmed the content of any such Third Party Material and no reliance may, nor should, be placed upon such content. Neither River and Mercantile nor the providers of any such Third Party Material make any representation or warranty about the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any such Third Party Material. 

There can be no assurance that the investment strategy or objective of any Fund would be achieved or that investors would receive a return of the amount invested. Investment in any Fund would be subject to significant risks of loss of income and capital and interests in any Fund would be subject to restrictions on transfer. 

River and Mercantile gives no guarantee that any Confidential Information accessed through the Data Room or which otherwise has been or will be made available at any time will be free from infection, viruses or worms or other code which may have contaminating or destructive properties. The recipient is fully responsible for ensuring that protective steps are taken such as virus checking. The Confidential Information may contain links to other websites (the “Linked Sites”). The Linked Sites are for convenience only and the recipient accesses them at their own risk. River and Mercantile is not responsible for the Linked Sites and does not in any way endorse the Linked Sites. 

River and Mercantile collects personal data relating to individuals who are given access to the Data Room. This personal data includes contact information including individual and company names, email addresses and telephone numbers, as well as information relating to such person’s use of the Data Room, including IP addresses, web browsers used, details of interactions with the Data Room, pages visited, and computer and web browser settings. This personal will be used for River and Mercantile’s legitimate business interests including to assist with the operation of the Data Room and to analyse and improve the Data Room. River and Mercantile will be an independent controller of any such personal data and any such personal data will be processed and shared in accordance with the River and Mercantile Group’s privacy statement.

Upon River and Mercantile’s or any of its associates’ or duly authorised agents’ request, the recipient shall promptly return or destroy (as applicable) all Confidential Information and any other materials provided to the recipient by or on behalf of River and Mercantile, its associates and/or duly authorised agents, and any copies or summaries thereof, and confirm to River and Mercantile that the recipient has done so in writing. 

This Notice and the rights and obligations of any recipient or viewer of the Confidential Information (and any person that they represent) arising out of or in connection with it, the Data Room or the Confidential Information, whether contractual, non-contractual, pre-contractual or otherwise, are governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the District Court of the City of Luxembourg shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any proceedings relating to any claim or dispute arising from or in connection with this Notice, the Data Room or the Confidential Information.