European equity

Through a distinct philosophy and thorough process, we aim to find those opportunities in Europe that are most likely to result in attractive returns for investors, while making a positive contribution to society

Potential, Valuation and Timing

Our PVT philosophy is designed to systematically unearth investment opportunities. Through an established investment process, we aim to ensure that these opportunities are effectively verified and sensibly applied to your portfolios.

We place ESG at the core of our approach, as we expect the companies we invest in, to make a positive contribution to society, alongside offering attractive investment characteristics.  

We evaluate all stocks according to a combination of clearly defined and continuously monitored investment factors. This enables our team to maximise returns and minimise risk.  


The investment dynamic that will create value for shareholders.  


The gap between the stock market price and the medium-term worth of the company. 


Optimising the entry and exit point of investments.  

Investment Process

We are practical investors who live and breathe the evaluation of company prospects. We also believe there are repeatable investment cycles that can be systematically exploited, so we combine quantitative machine-led research with fundamental stock-specific analysis.

This allows us to systematically scrutinise vast amounts of complex data efficiently, while using the knowledge and expertise of our in-house team to carry out in-depth research to find ideas we believe will work best for your portfolios.

Sustainable Practices

We evaluate sustainability by considering the impact on three pillars:


Companies’ ability to create value for all stakeholders through having high levels of trust and cooperation between employees, customers and the wider community it serves.   


Constant innovation to respond to change in market fundamentals, the environment and society. 


Companies that create value for all stakeholders without causing undue harm to the environment, nor compromising the ability of future generations to do so. 


You can access our European equity strategy through our fund.

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